I mentioned on Monday that I had not gotten a chance to post Kelly and Sam’s engagement photos and since their wedding was last weekend it is about time!

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I hope that everyone had a great weekend!  I was privileged to shoot Kelly and Sam’s wedding this past Saturday at National Golf Club here in Pinehurst.  The groom’s family is from Iowa so it was nice to get to see some Midwesterners.  I just realized that I never posted the images from Kelly and Sam’s engagement shoot so keep an eye out for those on Wednesday as well.  Here’s a little taste from the wedding…

Hey Ya’ll.  Gearing up for a wedding tomorrow.  Here’s what I found this week.

From DWF, did you know that people can print your photos off facebook?  Read this.

Free download for a Glam girls night out Bachelorette party invitation.

Romantic woodsy wedding ideas

Macro photography tutorial

New product: memolio

The cake in this post is so intricate and lovely

The last photo in this post is so Carey Grant and I love it.

Intro to bird photography

Crafting an image in Lightroom

Green, yellow, and magenta color palette (LOVE)

Pink and ocean mood board and a Florida inspired one here.

DIY cocktail party invite.

If you like the kindle TV ads then you will think this is adorable.

And last but not least an article about second shooting.

Have an amazing weekend!

We had our first Junior League board/chair meeting for the year last night and something from the meeting really struck me.  We had one particular chair who is a self proclaimed “idea” person.  I think that she is brilliant.   She stood up to start talking about the plans for her committee and she got to one part of her plan and everyone in the room just stopped.  The thing that she proposed was huge.  Some people might say that it was way out of our league.  But it was also doable.  The lesson that I wanted to share from the story is that this lady kept what we were capable of as a group firmly in mind, but then refused to limit her thinking about what could be possible.  How would all of our lives be different if we did the same?

Hello everyone!  I hope that you all had a great weekend.  For the second year I led a Sandhills Area chapter of Scott Kelby’s worldwide Photo Walk this past Saturday.  If you missed it a while back, you can read the article that the Pilot did on the walk here.  We had 41 registered participants this year and it was nice to see it grow despite the horrid heat.  Everyone who showed up were real troopers.  I do not have any participants images to share with you yet, but the winner of the local contest will be decided August 7, 2010 so stay tuned for updates.  In the mean time enjoy the slideshow of some of my images of participants and stuff that I found interesting in the Village of Pinehurst.  My unofficial and unplanned theme for the walk turned out to be birdhouses.  There are a lot of really neat birdhouses in the Village if you ever want to take a stroll and check them out.  My favorite was the one done up like an Amoco station.

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At the walk I was also encouraged to start a few new projects that will both be featured in my new monthly newsletter.  First, I will be giving a theme each month for subscribers to submit photos on.  I will publish a selection of the best images in the next month’s newsletter.  It is a fun way to get a little healthy competition and get out there shooting if you want to try it out with us.

Second, we discussed having another local photo walk not affiliated with NAPP or Scott Kelby possibly around the holidays.  I will be making announcements about that as we get closer through the newsletter as well.

What?  You aren’t subscribed to the newsletter yet?  Too bad.  Okay I’m kidding.  If you would like to sign up to receive the newsletter just follow this link to register.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

A quick tip about retouching with content aware fill in CS5.  Now I see why everyone thinks it is so great.

How to get into selling landscape photography.

Using negative space

Looking for boudoir inspiration?  Visit Playboy’s new site the smoking jacket and form your own opinions.

If you have been following the blog for long you may remember that I attended one of Joe McNally’s workshops last year in Dobbs Ferry (don’t remember?  Check it out here and here)  I am a big fan of Joe McNally and it is photos like these that remind me why.  He is a nice guy, a vault of knowledge and ingenuity, and at times he is a true artist.  The last picture in this post is one of my all time favs.

DWF reviews David Ziser’s book “Captured by the Light

Can you tell what hooked me on this wedding?  The flowers and the invitation.

Speaking of cute invitations

Font tips for a carnival feel.

I love the second photo in this post.  She looks just like an angel with that flawless skin and the light pouring over her.

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

It’s Wedsnesday again!  You know what that means…

I am not sure that I can pin it down to just one horrendous photo of myself.  I had a whole few YEARS of really bad photos of me.  When I was like 13 or 14 I decided that I wanted a pixie haircut.  It was going to be cute and sophisticated.  I forgot that I lived in a vary small town in Iowa.  I ended up with a bowl cut.  A really, really bad bowl cut.  I cried, but by that time the damage was already done.  The haircut was unfortunate on so many levels for me.  Being in the midwest during the 90’s everyone wore jeans and t-shirts to school.  Already being very small and gangly and being dressed in androgynous clothing I spent my freshman year of high school looking like a boy.  In case you are wondering, I will not be sharing any of these terrible photos with you because before graduation I burned every single one that I could get my hands on.  I would totally do it again, too.

Have a great Wednesday!