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I am going to start out with the Postcarden because I was having a rough morning and this managed to make me smile.

I had to feature the photos herehere, and here first because they are beautiful and second because they are taken in North Carolina.

Digital Photography School did a two part article on backing up your images.  View part one here, part two here.

How cute are these “paper pastry” boxes?

Love these flowers made out of sheet music.

This is a cute idea for a favor for a 30th birthday party.

These pillows covered in ribbon are lovely.

Breaking the Rules

The custom hanger in the second image is perfect for your wedding dress.

Great details in this wedding like the money provided for cab fare.

French DIY inspiration.

Some inspiration from Bride Chic: swirl and red poppies

Last but not least images from the worldwide photo walk here and here.


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FREE vintage bike invitations

These cakes really are works of art and so detailed.

Magnetic wide angle and macro lenses for your camera phone

Tips on planning a progressive dinner party.

Wedding in a Japanese garden.

Watermelon sugar inspiration.

Paris meets Morocco wedding inspiration.

San Francisco wedding

And a Savannah wedding from my old stomping ground.

Have a great weekend!

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I found a lot of really neat stuff this week.  Let’s start with the letterpress:

If you really want the look of custom invitations but don’t have a huge budget, steal an idea from this post and have a custom designed stamp made.  These stamps are usually pretty inexpensive and can be re-used and kept as keepsakes.

neat business cards here.

Stitch Design Company stationary

Free formal crest download from maemae paperie

I actually took the time to paper my rolodex by hand, but lucky for you, you can buy this one already done.

Cool font: Gig poster hipster

If you are having a second marriage or are getting married older and already have your household goods set, register for your honeymoon instead.

Cool brown and white 30th birthday invites

Since I am now into tracing my family tree, I think these wedding genealogies are neat.

Some info and tutorials:

4 rules of photographic composition

10 more composition tricks

How to get the best from your wedding photographer

DIY water droplet studio

DIY ribbon medallions

A good article on Jasmine Star’s blog that talks about coordinating with a planner and getting weddings published.

And now some pretty stuff!

Wildflower berry

crustacean inspiration

love the dusty blue and peach scheme of this outdoor wedding.

Awesome wedding ideas.

Retro Palm Springs wedding

Like how these ideas are vintage with a nod to the military but still subtle and pretty.


And because I am always thinking with my stomach, mushroom and swiss sliders with spicy fry sauce

Have a super weekend!

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Hey Ya’ll.  Gearing up for a wedding tomorrow.  Here’s what I found this week.

From DWF, did you know that people can print your photos off facebook?  Read this.

Free download for a Glam girls night out Bachelorette party invitation.

Romantic woodsy wedding ideas

Macro photography tutorial

New product: memolio

The cake in this post is so intricate and lovely

The last photo in this post is so Carey Grant and I love it.

Intro to bird photography

Crafting an image in Lightroom

Green, yellow, and magenta color palette (LOVE)

Pink and ocean mood board and a Florida inspired one here.

DIY cocktail party invite.

If you like the kindle TV ads then you will think this is adorable.

And last but not least an article about second shooting.

Have an amazing weekend!

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A quick tip about retouching with content aware fill in CS5.  Now I see why everyone thinks it is so great.

How to get into selling landscape photography.

Using negative space

Looking for boudoir inspiration?  Visit Playboy’s new site the smoking jacket and form your own opinions.

If you have been following the blog for long you may remember that I attended one of Joe McNally’s workshops last year in Dobbs Ferry (don’t remember?  Check it out here and here)  I am a big fan of Joe McNally and it is photos like these that remind me why.  He is a nice guy, a vault of knowledge and ingenuity, and at times he is a true artist.  The last picture in this post is one of my all time favs.

DWF reviews David Ziser’s book “Captured by the Light

Can you tell what hooked me on this wedding?  The flowers and the invitation.

Speaking of cute invitations

Font tips for a carnival feel.

I love the second photo in this post.  She looks just like an angel with that flawless skin and the light pouring over her.

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

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So, I had to wake up way too early this morning to fly to Kitty Hawk for Outreach NC magazine.  There’s not a whole lot this week, but I am waking up at 5:30 to go fly in a tiny little plane…

I love grey and I am totally loving this grey and magenta color board.

This Italian wedding makes me want to travel.

Lots of berries and yellows this week:

This is a cute wedding theme from a workshop featured on Style Me Pretty using lemons and limes.

Blackberries and Lemonade

A Lemon, Aqua, and Majolica color scheme that is to die for.

An orchard farm wedding.  Love the beer in the bathtub!

Kiwi Colada

The site that this links to is all about planning kids birthday parties (not an issue for your truly) but I love the crowns and the hedgehogs.  Just sayin.

Hope that you all have an amazing weekend!

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Hello there.  I hope that everone had a happy and safe 4th of July last weekend.  I still have a few follow up 4th pieces that were interesting.

Tara’s tips for a 4th of July wedding and a summer wedding playlist put together by Hi-Fi Weddings.

Fireworks how-to at a wedding from Stacy Reeves.

There was not a ton of interesting stuff out there this week (I blame it on the post-holiday i-don’t-wanna-work phenomenon) but here’s what I did find.

Sophisticated pink and gold color board (another pink and gold board here) and a denim, salmon, and cherry board.

Pretty pink DIY wedding bouquet.

Cakes on vintage Wednesday at Ritzy Bee.

Cool, modern wedding websites (that even except RSVP’s!) from wedding Jo Jo.

The titled the post “unique hair accessories” and some of them sure are that.  But, some of them are pretty too so check it out anyway.

Cute clutches make great bridesmaids gifts.

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