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New Website!

I have been working on the new website for a while now, but it is all worth it now that it is done!  Go see it at www.mollietobiasphotography.com.  You probably have also noticed the new blog layout as well.  It my take a little bit for me to go back and update all of the blog posts now that they are transferred to the new address.  Speaking of the NEW BLOG ADDRESS, be sure to update your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions to reflect the change in address so that you can keep receiving updates.  I would love to know what y’all think of the new design!  If you like what you see be sure to click on “Share Site” and share the new website on your Facebook or Twitter page.  See you back here on Friday.


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More photo walk images

Well if you made it this far you’re already half way through the week!  I wanted to take a minute today to share some additional photo walk images from our group pool on Flickr and answer some questions.     Unfortunately, I can not share with you all of the images that were submitted to the contest site because they are all flash images and I can not extract them to post them here.  Because of that, I did not pick any 2nd, 3rd, honorable mentions, etc.  What I did do was grab a selection of images from the Flickr gallery and I am going to let you all choose a viewer’s choice image.  Look at the gallery below and cast your vote for your favorite in the comments section below.  I am not sure whether or not the photos will make their way into Pinestraw or not, but keep an eye out and we will see.  Also, if you enjoyed the photo walk or you like the idea of a photo walk be sure to sign up to receive my newsletter by clicking http://eepurl.com/Jf4_.  Every month we will be having a virtual photo walk.  I will give a theme (this months theme is sunshine) and then y’all can submit your photos to me at molliet@gmail.com by the 24th of the month.  I will post the submitted images in the next months newsletter.  Have a great Wednesday!

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Hello everyone!  I hope that you all had a great weekend.  For the second year I led a Sandhills Area chapter of Scott Kelby’s worldwide Photo Walk this past Saturday.  If you missed it a while back, you can read the article that the Pilot did on the walk here.  We had 41 registered participants this year and it was nice to see it grow despite the horrid heat.  Everyone who showed up were real troopers.  I do not have any participants images to share with you yet, but the winner of the local contest will be decided August 7, 2010 so stay tuned for updates.  In the mean time enjoy the slideshow of some of my images of participants and stuff that I found interesting in the Village of Pinehurst.  My unofficial and unplanned theme for the walk turned out to be birdhouses.  There are a lot of really neat birdhouses in the Village if you ever want to take a stroll and check them out.  My favorite was the one done up like an Amoco station.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the walk I was also encouraged to start a few new projects that will both be featured in my new monthly newsletter.  First, I will be giving a theme each month for subscribers to submit photos on.  I will publish a selection of the best images in the next month’s newsletter.  It is a fun way to get a little healthy competition and get out there shooting if you want to try it out with us.

Second, we discussed having another local photo walk not affiliated with NAPP or Scott Kelby possibly around the holidays.  I will be making announcements about that as we get closer through the newsletter as well.

What?  You aren’t subscribed to the newsletter yet?  Too bad.  Okay I’m kidding.  If you would like to sign up to receive the newsletter just follow this link to register.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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I know, I know.  I go on about having an announcement today and then I make you wait until the end of the day.  Sorry.  I blame Twilight: Eclipse for keeping me up until 3am and the Toyota dealership.  But, on the upside I got a new Toyota Highlander!  That was not my announcement, but dealing with that took a good part of my day today.

So the announcement is that I am hosting Scott Kelby’s worldwide photowalk again this year and the date has been announced.  Here is the official press release that will be running in the Pilot sometime soon:


Scott Kelby Hosts Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

Event Hailed as the Largest Global Social Event for Photographers

PINEHURST, NC – June 29, 2010 – On Saturday, July 24, 2010, the whole world will be walking again with Scott Kelby, president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and #1 bestselling computer and technology book author, in the Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™.

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk is the world’s largest global social photography event in the history of photography itself. It takes place on the same day around the world where photographers of all walks of life and skill levels gather together, usually in downtown areas to socialize, learn new tips from each other, and explore their corner of the world through photography.

“In 2008, we had 241 walks,” said Scott Kelby, founder of NAPP, editor-in-chief of Photoshop User magazine, and president of Kelby Media Group. “Last year, we had over 900 walks with over 32,000 photographers participating. We did the math… your average photographer will take upwards of 300 photos during a photo walk. That means that nearly 10 million pictures were taken in that one single day that may never had happened otherwise. I think that’s pretty cool and we all can’t wait to see what happens this year.”

There is no fee to participate but pre-registration is required. Just go to the Worldwide Photo Walk site (http://worldwidephotowalk.com/walk/pinehurst-nc-usa/) to register for the Sandhills area walk which will be held in downtown Pinehurst this year.  Mollie Tobias of Mollie Tobias Photography will be hosting the Sandhills area walk again this year.  “We had about 30 people turn out last year in Southern Pines,” said Tobias.  “I wanted to give the walkers a new experience this year, which is why I choose downtown Pinehurst.  There are so many interesting sights in the downtown area that walkers should be able to get some great images.”

Anyone can participate too. All you need is a camera. It doesn’t even matter what kind of camera either. People have showed up with disposables in the past, had a blast, and left with a new appreciation for photography.

Kelby credits the success and popularity of the event to the social aspect of photography the world over. “Photography is usually viewed as a solitary activity, but the truth of the matter is that people love to shoot together, compare notes and just have fun with photography,” said Kelby. “The Worldwide Photo Walk is a social phenomenon. I’ve had group leaders contact me to tell me that they’ve turned their walk into a monthly event. Other people tell me that they’ve made friends at the very first Photo Walk that they’ve kept to this day. It’s the joy of shooting with friends, new and old that makes this event so special.”

The social aspect of this event has also transcended into the online world of social networks as well. Participants in the Worldwide Photo Walk post updates to Twitter before, during and after the event under the #WWPW hash tag, they share their pictures on Flickr (view pictures from last year’s Flickr group), and get updates from NAPP via its Facebook page.

In addition to enjoying a day of photography with other like-minded individuals, participants may also be eligible to win prizes from the Worldwide Photo Walk’s sponsors if their photo is chosen as the best photo of the day by their walk leader. Each winning walk photo is then entered into a global competition where Scott Kelby picks the single “best photo” of the event along with 10 runners-up. Full details are available at: http://worldwidephotowalk.com/

Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk is sponsored by NAPP, Adobe, Adorama, Peachpit, Mpix, Wacom, and Kelby Training.

About NAPP

The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) is a dynamic trade association and the world’s leading resource for Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop® Lightroom®, and photography training, news, and education. An award-winning team of Photoshop and photography experts, authors, consultants, and trainers lead the association – keeping its members on the cutting edge of Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography techniques and technology. With more than 71,000 members in 106 countries, NAPP is the largest digital imaging and graphics association worldwide. Visit http://www.photoshopuser.com for more information.

I am excited to be hosting again this year and think that it is going to be a great event and a chance to explore the Village of Pinehurst and meet other local photography enthusiasts.  Be sure to head over to the Sandhills area page and sign up today!

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I wore this mascara on a random day where I had a photo shoot and then cleaned my gutters (Sometimes my days are just weird, what can I say).  The point of the story is that after finishing the gutters I jumped in the shower and when I got out there was not a single run or smudge of mascara anywhere.  If this mascara can stand up to sweat, dirt, and a shower it should be a sure thing for your wedding day, too.

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Going to be a short list this week but with lot of pretty things.

First, Scott Kelby’s old school photo challenge.

David Ziser’s 5 point plan for referrals.

6 Keys to shooting great groups

This idea for a knob bouquet was really unique.  After the wedding you can install the knobs in your home.

Austin Market party with great color

Succulent place cards

Pretty turquoise and white NYC wedding

Check out this dress

Yellow and white Southern theme

Courtney and Jamie

Leah and Neil

Navy, yellow and pink wedding

Puerto Vallarta wedding

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Warrior Dash!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I went down to Mountain City, Georgia this past weekend to participate in the warrior dash and I thought that ya’ll may enjoy seeing some of the highlights.  First of all, since I was going to be tromping through mud I took along my husbands five year old camera that barely works so please no judging on the picture quality.  Even with a pelican case (which worked flawlessly by the way) there was no chance of me taking my nice cameras along.

First you may notice the incredibly classy Days Inn that we stayed at.  That first photo should be the view from our room of the ABC store across the street and, wait, is that a Japanese restaurant in the gas station next door?  Yes, Yes it is.  (No, we did not eat there.)  Then you can see the great pool that is approximately the size of my bathroom at home and situated right next to the highway.  I told you, classy.

The race itself was a lot of fun, but it was not exactly what I would call a serious race.  It was more of a jog through the woods with some mud thrown in.  I am okay with that though.  It was pretty easy to tell what kind of race it was going to be when there were people in costumes eating turkey legs and chugging beer in the starting gate.  Adjust your expectations to that and you are good to go.  I had such a great time with all of my East Coast Crossfit friends and it was totally worth the 12 hour round trip down there.  Hope everyone enjoys the photos and has an amazing rest of their week!

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